This page reports – as samples not to be considered as a complete regulations document – some of the most significant behaviour rules to follow inside the Historical Complex of the Duomo di Milano; to read the complete version please click on the link at the bottom of the page “Download the Complete Regulations Document”.

All the visitors are requested to follow the instructions given by the personnel.

Access to the Historical Complex of the Duomo will be permitted only and exclusively with the exhibition of a ticket, where requested.
Tickets are valid only if purchased at one of the qualified ticket office and through the Authorized Dealer, or through the subjects who signed specific written agreements with the Veneranda Fabbrica.
The Veneranda Fabbrica dismisses any responsibility in case extraordinary events, such as adverse weather conditions, security or safety reasons, or any other organizational or technical need will force the Fabbrica itself to change opening hours, access rules (including ascent and descent), permanence times or scheduled events in the Historical Complex of the Duomo.

The Veneranda Fabbrica is not required to replace any lost, deteriorated, damaged, destroyed, stolen, expired or illegible ticket.

Tickets can be purchased in advance once the payment is concluded, and are not refundable nor modifiable. Even in case the Holder decides not to visit the Historical Complex of the Duomo for personal, organizational or waiting-time linked reasons.

Once the ticket is validated it will not be possible to ask its refund.

Lockers or storage areas for suitcases or bags are not available.

To access the Historical Complex of the Duomo all groups, including a minimum of 5 up to a maximum of 50 people, must book the date and the time slot of the visit through the BOOKING section on the official Website.
Only groups organized by Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo have priority access, depending on the the organisational requirements of the Historical Monumental Complex.
Admission times could be subject to change, visit this page for more information.
The amplification system is compulsory for groups inside the Cathedral.
In the event of loss, tampering or breakage of the transmitter attributable to the user, a fine of € 90.00 will be charged, to be paid when the device is returned. 

FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE WORKS OF ART AND OUR LOCATIONSTo access and visit the Historical Complex of the Duomo, the ticket Holder must respect the following instructions: to be respectably dressed; to follow the access rules; to not disturb and/or endanger other visitors; to remain silent, in observance of the holiness of the Cathedral.

All over the Historical Complex of the Duomo it is strictly forbidden:

  • Any behaviour that could cause dangerous situations and/or endangered the personal safety of the ticket Holder or third parties;
  • Any behaviour contrary to public order and/or good morals, sale of goods by unauthorised subjects or in unauthorised places;
  • Access of unauthorised reporters and journalists with recording equipment, video and/or photo cameras;
  • To try to access reserved areas;
  • Touch or damage the artworks and the archaeological structures.

We remind that the Law prescribes penalties in case of damage of artworks and/or goods in the Historical Complex.

We inform all the visitors that the Historical Complex is monitored by a video-surveillance system for the security of the artworks and of the public, according to the Privacy Laws.

Read the complete Regulations Document