In this section you will find all the useful tips to access the monumental complex of the Milan’s Duomo and, with a few simple steps, you will be able to choose the date and time, to book the amplification system and proceed with the purchase order.

Please note that the available slots refer to access for all visitors, not to the availability of amplification systems.

The group made of 5 people or more (excluding the tour leader or the guide) must book the date and the time slot for their visit through the specific section before proceeding with the purchase. Groups can use their own amplification system inside the Cathedral if provided with.

Individual visitors can buy tickets directly without booking the entrance in advance.

To make the monument accessible to all visitors and to avoid long waiting times in a row, we recommend a one-hour lasting visit for each site.

Fill in the form your registration data or if you are already registered, enter your username and the password that you have chosen and follow the instructions that will be provided.

Happy surfing!

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